About Us

shbazz2ARLO Entertainment, LLC is a Special Events and Entertainment consulting company that specializes in planning and producing concerts for special events of all occasions.

We have been working in the entertainment industry facilitating the planning of tours and concerts all over the world with great success.

Our team of professionals bring an aggregate of 30 years of entertainment industry

experience to the table. With expertise ranging from Performing, Organizing, Producing tours and concerts for resorts, corporate and non-profit organizations.



We Endeavor provide quint essential consulting services for the production of top notch concerts for special events. To raise the bar for local events concerts, purveying the highest standards for live music. We are committed to developing State of the Art production coupled with old fashion values, marrying ethics, and decency of yesteryear with business savvy of today. We want to be a refreshing departure from the cut throat business practices that is giving Free Enterprise a bad name.

Contact Info

Alvin Rogers

ARLO, Entertainment, LLC

116 West 23rd St,, NYC 10011

Phone (917) 721-1364


Katherine Joyce-ReillyCOO

ARLO, Entertainment, LLC

116 West 23rd St., NYC 10011

Phone (646) 208-6505